Audi RS3 8V 2.5TFSI – Etuners Stage3 for TTE500+ 98RON

Turns out the new and upgraded TTE500 turbocharger was really worth the wait. Even on 98RON it produces solid performance, even in unfavourable environmental conditions.

Upgrade specifications
– Upgraded turbo: TheTurboEngineers TTE500+
– Upgraded Downpipe
– Upgraded Intercooler: Wagner Tuning
– Upgraded Intake Kit
– 98RON fuel
– #Etuners Stage3 ECU remap
– #Etuners Stage3 DQ500 gearbox remap
Performance Results
– Maximum power at the wheels: 447whp
– Maximum torque at the wheels: 443wtq

Tuned by the best:
Built by: HP Motorsports
Dyno: Aryan Xtreme Motorsports