Some of you may remember Jason’s blue RS3 that ran 11.61@120mph, making it Australia’s quickest and fastest RS3 on stock turbo and pump fuel. 

Following successful testing and development of our E85 custom tune with Greg’s RS3 on the dyno/racetrack, it didnt take long for Jason to run our E85 tune. A week later, the car was ready. We strapped Jason’s car on the dyno to set a base run and it produced a healthy 270kw at the wheels.


Upgrade specifications

  • Etuners custom Stage2 E85 ECU remap
  • Etuners custom Stage 2 DSG remap
  • Custom downpipe + midpipe by Rob Bliss Exhaust
  • Wagner evo3 competition intercooler


After loading our custom E85 tune, 308.5kw at the wheels was achieved with gains throughout the rpm range. Jason’s car is transformed again!



We can’t wait to take this to the track and see what it does.


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