Kevin’s RS3 was back at the track on Wednesday to test its optimized ECU and TCU remaps. He already was the holder for the fastest and quickest Audi RS3 pre-facelift in Australia, with a time of 11.01sec for the quartermile. The whole team knew the RS3 had more than enough power to break under 11. Thanks to logging and testing from last time on the track – several months ago – many solutions were discussed and the optimum one was put to use via the gearbox custom map. In terms of power, nothing was changed compared to when the car run low 11s.

The fastest pass of the night was 10.94 / 127.56 mph, followed by 10.97 / 131.46mph. Making it the fastest and under 11sec for its type in Australia.

Thanks you Kevin for trusting us with your car!


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