2016 Audi RS3 8V.1 with TTE700

We are excited to offer our 10sec 1/4 mile package for the Pre Facelift RS3 on pump 98oct fuel.
Hardware upgrades included TTE700 turbo , Etuners custom downpipe, modified Leyo intake, HPFP, Wagner cooler and watermeth kit.

Upgrade specifications

  • 98RON + WMI
  • TTE700 turbocharger upgrade
  • Upgraded downpipe+exhaust
  • Cold air intake kit by Leyo (modificed)
  • Upgraded high pressure fuel pump
  • Wagner intercooler
  • Etuners custom Stage3 Engine and Gearbox remaps

Performance results

Boost was limited to 26 psi resulting in 350kw @ wheels up from 203kw as measured stock. A fantastic 150wkw gain achieved with pump fuel and low boost. A custom DSG7 DQ500 file was calibrated to remove torque limitations, optimise launch rpm/shift points/shift speeds and gearbox clutch clamp pressure.