Audi RS3 8P 2.5TFSI MY2011 – #Etuners Stage3 98RON TTE500+

Today a very rare RS3 8P 2.5TFSI MY2011 came to visit, full of modifications. The 8P is with a CEPA engine, the very first 2.5TFSI in the market. Equipped with an upgraded intake kit, upgraded high pressure fuel pump, upgraded full exhaust and a larger intercooler.

Having tuned with us on Stage2 and wanting to get to 2022 levels of 5 cylinder power, the owner installed a TTE500+ turbocharger. His sole requirement was to use 98-100RON gas with no watermeth or ethanol mixes. We upgraded the engine and gearbox to custom #etuners stage3 tunes.
A few hours on dyno later, engine power reached 504hp with 749Nm of torque!

Upgrade specifications

  • 98RON fuel
  • CTS Turbo cold air intake kit
  • Milltek full exhaust system
  • Wagner intercooler
  • TTE500+ hybrid turbocharger
  • #Etuners custom Stage3 Engine remap
  • #Etuners custom Stage3 gearbox remap

Performance results

  • Maximum engine power and torque: engine 504hp / 749Nm


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