Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV 1750 TBi – Stage 4 Big turbo kit

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A big turbo kit on a stock QV engine? Why not! The settings are reasonable for the connecting rods, this way the engine can withstand the abuse and make good power. By limiting overboost and aiming for linearity and better top end boost, the Giulietta QV produces a lot of power with this upgrade!

Upgrade specifications

  • 98 RON fuel
  • Upgraded full exhaust
  • Big turbo kit + tubular manifold for the Giulietta QV 1750 TBI
  • Stage 4 ECU remap
  • Stock engine and fuelling


Performance results

  • Maximum torque: 43 Kgm @ 4200 RPM (wheel hubs)
  • Maximum power: 340 whp @ 6900 RPM, operating at 21 psi max boost pressure.


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  1. That is a crazy amount of power. 340 at the wheels. What turbo is used?

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