The Seat Leon 1.8 TSI Gen3 MQB is a very good platform for upgrades, even when it is equipped with a DSG7 DQ200 gearbox. Following the general rule, Gen3 EA888 engines are very tunable. They gain good power with very few upgrades. Thus, the stock turbo becomes much more efficient with the addition of an
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Seat Ibiza 1.4 TSI Upgraded intercooler kit

Supercharged recently started producing an upgraded Intercooler kit for the Seat Ibiza Cupra 1.4 TSI and Seat Ibiza FR 1.4 TSI. The kit includes a larger intercooler and all the necessary parts to make it a direct fit. The upgraded intercooler cell has twice the frontal area of the stock ic. It also causes a
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Our recommended upgrade stages for the Seat Leon FR and Freetrack 2.0 TSI (EA888) are as follows: Stage 1 Completely stock engine 98RON fuel (93 pump) Stage 1 ECU remap Performance climbs from 211hp (stock flywheel power) to 270hp. Stage 2 Upgraded exhaust with a sports cat / decat modification Upgraded intake kit Upgraded intercooler 98 RON fuel (93
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