DSG7 to DSG6 gearbox swap - Skoda Octavia A7 1.8 TSI
  The Skoda Octavia A7 1.8 TSI only comes with a DSG7 DQ200 Gen3 gearbox, if the customer wants an auto-gearbox edition. The versions that come with a DSG6 DQ250 are only available in AWD arrangement. This can be a setback to owners with the FWD gearbox arrangement.   This is mainly because The 1.8 TSI EA888
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Excellent gains with a custom tune only for a very well priced car from VW! This MY2016 VW Polo GTi 1.8 tsi (SIM18) now with 145.8kw at the wheels. VW rates the Polo at 141kw at the engine. The owner drove the car virtually straight from the dealership to CV Performance. It had a total
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  Our prayers have been answered! The new Ibiza Cupra has finally received an EA888 Gen3 1.8 TSI engine that brings its performance to a whole different level compared to its earlier siblings. In case the 180hp hot hatch is not enough for you, performance can be boosted by over 50hp with a stage1 ECU
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Skoda Octavia 1.8 TSI – Stage 1 98RON

Skoda Octavia 1.8 TSI – Stage 1 98RON The Skoda Octavia 1.8 TSI gains great power from a stage 1 ECU remap, while maintaining engine safety and good overall fuel consumption. All EA888 1.8 TSI engines that come with the A5 (Gen2) platform produce slightly more power than the manufacturer states. Instead of 160hp at
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