Peugeot 308 GT 1.6T 175hp with a Works Hybrid turbo
Peugeot 308 GT 1.6T – Stage4 Works Hybrid turbo 98RON (260bhp) Hybrid turbos work very well on 1.6 THP engines. This one has had its turbo’s compressor wheel upgraded to a Mini Cooper S JCW. By doing so, the turbo gains top end performance without any penalty in spooling or responsiveness. However, to get the

Peugeot 308 1.6 Turbo 150thp stage 1

Upgrade specifications: Stage 1 ECU remap 98/100 octane fuel Performance Results Torque 306,8Nm@ 4295RPM ( 240,3 Nm @ 2480RPM measured as stock) Power 194,5 Hp@ 4890 RPM (150,4 Hp @ 6150RPM measured as stock)Power and torque were corrected byISO1585 Dyno plot The light blue line marks intake air temperature.   Engine data Engine code EP6DT
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Peugeot 308 GT 1.6T 175hp Stage 3

Upgrade specification 98/100 octane fuel Upgraded intercooler from Seat Ibiza Cupra Upgraded free flow downpipe Performance results Maximum power: 220 hp @ 5565 RPM Maximum torque: 325 Nm @ 3350 RPM
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