CLA45 AMG Hybrid turbo on dyno with an Etuners custom ECU remap
When the stock turbo reaches its maximum flow limit on a tuned CLA45 AMG, the next step is to get a hybrid. Bigger and more efficient compressor wheels produce more power, specially at mid to high rpm. This car was an example of such a turbo that can produce excellent results. Fantastic gains made with

Mercedes C63 AMG 6.2 – Stage1 98RON

Thursday, 17 November 2016 by
The Mercedes C63 AMG responds extremely well to a tune only. This pristine coupe now has an extra 60kw at the wheels! Reflashing the ECU was done via OBD2. Upgrade specifications 98RON fuel Etuners Stage 1 ECU remap Remap features 10% more power: Gains of 50-60hp just with the remap Torque limiters removed Improved throttle
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Mercedes A250 2.0T – Stage 2 98RON

Monday, 05 September 2016 by
Like any A series Mercedes, the A250 is a very tunable car. The power and torque increase through the remap bring the car to a new level of fun. Just look at the gains, with just an upgraded exhaust and an ECU remap. Upgrade specifications 98RON fuel Upgraded exhaust Etuners stage2 ECU remap Performance results
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Mercedes ML320 CDI – Stage 1

Thursday, 14 July 2016 by
Fantastic results come from tuning the Mercedes ML320 CDI, Impressive torque and power gains make it much more driveable and improve performance by a lot compared to stock. Special precautions are taken to protect the transmission from excessive torque, by holding it under control in the mid-rpm range. Upgrade specifications Stage 1 ECU remap Performance
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Mercedes A45 AMG – Stage 1 98RON

Thursday, 16 June 2016 by
This is the latest version of the Mercedes A45 AMG, which delivers 280kw flywheel power from the factory. As delivered to CV Performance, the A45 dynoed at 209kw at the wheels measured as 4wd. A rear muffler delete was performed along with a custom tune. Peak power rose to 246kw with as much as 60kw
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More power for the Mercedes SLK200 1.8 R171 can be made using an upgraded full exhaust system and an upgraded supercharger pulley hub. This allows for more boost and less exhaust gas backflow. Both of these upgrades make the engine more efficient and the performance results are clearly visible on dyno. With the stock injectors
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The Mercedes C63 AMG6.2 offers great potential as a tuning platform. Because it is a big reliable engine with very low horsepower output as stock, every little change on it produces more power. A lot more power when combined with upgraded header pipes. Even if the fuel used is 95RON. Upgrade specifications 95RON fuel Upgraded
Driveability issues with the stock engine mapping Never has there been a Mercedes model with a bigger need for a remap than the B180. Because the engine lacks power for the car’s weight and the mapping does nothing to conceal it. As much as we love Mercedes, the B180 BlueEFFICIENCY with 122hp is almost undriveable. There

Mercedes CLA45 AMG – Stage 1 95RON

Monday, 29 February 2016 by
The Mercedes CLA45 AMG gains approximately 80-90hp flywheel from a stage 1 ECU remap on 98RON and approximately 60-70hp from 95RON. Performance wise this remap improves acceleration times significantly over stock. While Mercedes claims the stock power to be around 381hp / 280kW at the flywheel, rolling road dynos measure power to be significantly less. 
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The Stage 2 Supercharger kit from Weistec is one of the most powerful kits available for the M156 engine, only topped by their Stage 3. No engine upgrades are needed other than a high flow exhaust. The quality and performance results are simply amazing. For more information regarding this kit, please visit Weistec Engineering’s website:
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