Tuesday, 24 January 2017 / Published in ECU Remaps, Navara, Nissan
  The Nissan Frontier 2.5 Dci is a good light truck. In America it is called Frontier, in the rest of the world it is called Navara. It is a little bit of a Swiss Army knife, this is why it needs a little bit of help, in terms of power and torque. Rated at
Tuesday, 20 December 2016 / Published in ECU Remaps, Golf, Volkswagen
VW Golf 7R 2.0 TSI Stage2+ Race version @ Subzero Motorsport, tuned by Etuners.AE
VW Golf 7R 2.0 TSI Stage2+ Race version @ Subzero Motorsport, tuned by Etuners.AE Etuners.AE and Subzero have developed a very quick Golf 7R, based on the stock 7R engine and turbo.On December 9th 2016 it became the quickest Golf 7R in the world with a stock turbo at the Yas Marina dragstrip in Abu
Monday, 21 November 2016 / Published in ECU Remaps
Temic DSG6 DQ250 Etuners gearbox remaps available for the Gen3/MQB platform
  Etuners have developed gearbox remaps for the latest generation of DSG6 DQ250 6 speed gearboxes, which is found on the MQB platform. A very wide range of VAG Gen3/MQB DSG equipped cars are supported, including the Golf 7R and the Audi S3 8V. Among the new features available are boosted launch control and increased
Monday, 21 November 2016 / Published in Audi, ECU Remaps, S3
Audi S3 8V 2.0 TFSI TTE525 - Etuners stage5 ECU remap
  Gen3 TFSI engines keep surprising us with how strong and durable they are. The TTE525, by TheTurboEngineers, is the largest turbo that we would recommend for a stock engine. It can produce big amounts of power while keeping boost under the 30psi/2bar safety threshold. In essence, it is a much bigger bolt-on turbo that
Thursday, 17 November 2016 / Published in C, ECU Remaps, Mercedes
The Mercedes C63 AMG responds extremely well to a tune only. This pristine coupe now has an extra 60kw at the wheels! Reflashing the ECU was done via OBD2. Upgrade specifications 98RON fuel Etuners Stage 1 ECU remap Remap features 10% more power: Gains of 50-60hp just with the remap Torque limiters removed Improved throttle
Thursday, 17 November 2016 / Published in Alfa Romeo, ECU Remaps, Mito
TJET engines are very tunable. So is the one on the Alfa Romeo Mito 1.4 TJET 155hp. By increasing boost, tweaking timing and improving AFR, the car gains a lot of torque and high end power. The gains are not just the 20whp between the two maximum points in power (old and new) but also
Sunday, 13 November 2016 / Published in ECU Remaps, Peugeot, RCZ
There are two main breeds of RCZ that are available in the market: THP156 and THP200. Then there is the RCZ-R, but that is a very rare car sold in small numbers. Upgrading your THP156 to produce power like a tuned THP200 is a very reliable and cost effective project. Only few things are required:
Tuesday, 25 October 2016 / Published in 207, ECU Remaps, Peugeot
There are many ways to make the most power out of a stock 1.6T Prince engine. One of the best is by combining upgraded camshafts and a hybrid turbo, along with an upgraded intake, boost pipes, full exhaust and intercooler. This setup uses 98RON fuel and does not require the use of Water-methanol injection or
Thursday, 13 October 2016 / Published in ECU Remaps, Mercedes, SL
    One of our favorite engines to tune and hear roar in the dyno room: the 6.2L V8 from AMG. A few days ago we had the pleasure to tune this handmade engine in a Mercedes SL63 AMG with our Stage 1 on 98RON premium fuel. The car came bone stock and produced 466hp and  550Nm of
Monday, 03 October 2016 / Published in ECU Remaps, Suzuki, Swift
You know how we feel about Suzuki. And yes, you are reading right: It has actually made a car that we like. At first it was hard for us to believe it, too, but it is not every day that we get to see interesting Japanese models. It is light, barely a ton, and it